For over twelve years I have been helping people tell their stories. Whether I'm putting images and sound on a timeline or out in the field capturing moments; I have the story in mind. I've always put my curiosity first and my main drive in producing content is to shed light on subjects that most people glance right over. Beyond just knowing how to technically create a video I focus on you, my client, and what it is you have to say. I love to be told no and I love to say yes! Creativity is a thing best practiced when we all as a team pool our thoughts, dreams and resources into what we create. I have experience in workflows ranging from 16mm film to 4K UHD video and my goal is to get images and sound to change people's lives.

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If you have a story to tell, video should be your medium of choice. Your viewers are looking to see and hear what you're all about. Whether you have a product or service to sell or an experience or mood to impart there is no better way to make yourself known. The importance of portraying your message in an accurate and captivating way is what makes my job so important.

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